7 Great Apps to Use if You’re a Book Blogger

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Nothing will ever take away from just opening a physical book and not closing it until you’re done. The same goes for opening a blog post and writing until it’s finished. Sadly, we don’t always have that luxury and sometimes we just have other things to do! These are some apps that I keep close by, not only to make my life easier, but to keep track of everything that goes on in reading/blogging world. Here are seven great apps to use if you’re a new or old book blogger


What does it cost? Free!

iTunes  |  Google Play

This is an app/website that I’m sure most book bloggers will already know everything about. I thought I’d mention it in case a new book blog or book lover comes across this post. Let me tell you a little secret: GoodReads is my secret to everything. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Some people describe it as a social media website for book lovers. While that’s completely true it’s also so much more. I can keep track of what I’m reading, what I want to read, and what I’ve already read by adding books to certain shelves. You can also make your own shelves for example: fantasy books, Canadian authors, library books, etc. You can also rate each book and leave a review to let others know exactly how you feel about it. Plus you can do all that on the website OR the app! That’s only a very brief description of how awesome GoodReads is.

WordPress or Blogger

What does it cost? Free!

iTunes | Google Play

This might seem like an obvious one but I still talk to tons of people who don’t have one of these apps on their phones! If you use either of these platforms to blog then I highly recommend having the app as well! While I don’t write full blogs posts on them, I often start new posts and write down any ideas I might have while I’m not close to my computer. It’s also great for replying to comments and I know on the WordPress app you can scroll through other blogs that you follow. It really is a huge asset if you do any kind of blogging at all.

Google Sheets or Docs

What does it cost? Free!

iTunes | Google Play

Is this another obvious one? Maybe, but I don’t see that many book bloggers using them. I personally prefer sheets over docs but that’s just me because I have spreadsheets for EVERYTHING. One to keep track of what books I read each year, what series are on the go, what ARCs I have to read, and even a sheet just full of blog ideas. I would make a spreadsheet for everything if I could. Plus adding things into spreadsheets means I can see stats (probably my favourite thing ever)! They’re both handy tools that I highly suggest keeping close by.


What does it cost? Free!

iTunes | Google Play

Ok we’re getting a little more exciting here! Overdrive is still a new app for me (though I’ve been using it for over a year at this point). I’ve honestly saved so much time and money by using it! It’s an app that can connect to most libraries so that you can borrow their ebook collection! You don’t have to go into the library at all (kind of sad) but you can also borrow ebooks and audiobooks on the go! I have a library card for two libraries and I can connect and scroll through them both which just makes the app even more awesome. You don’t even have to be a book blogger for this one, just a lover of books. If you have a library card then this is a must have app!


What does it cost? Free or $4.99 USD for Pro


This is a very new discovery for me (it’s also a pretty new app) but I’ve already gone all out and bought the pro version. This is probably going to be my favourite app of 2017, I can feel it already. Basically this app lets you track your reading progress per book. You start a timer when you start to read and enter a page number or percent when you’re done. All these little sessions add up and when you’re done your book you can see a cool infographic about your reading which I love to share on social media! They’ve even been rolling out new features pretty quickly which is very impressive. Check this one out for sure!

**Pro lets you add more books and gives you a few extra fun options.


What does it cost? Free or $5 USD a month for Pro

iTunes | Google Play

I love this app so much (Side Note: it’s also a website too!). It’s an easy way to catalogue the massive amount of books I own. I open it up on my phone and I can scan each book instead of having to type everything in manually. It’s saved me so much time! Another thing I use it for is when I’m out book shopping I can scan the back of a book and it will tell me if I own it already. I’m sure it’s saved me tons of money just from that. You can also use it to catalogue your movies, games, and cds as well so that’s a big bonus! I’ve even shared my bookshelf so that friends know what I own if they buy me gifts. It’s a great app for a book blogger who likes to keep track of what they own.

**Pro isn’t necessary to use this app. It’s basically if you want to use the app as a library system with multiple users and a lending system.


What it costs? Free!

iTunes | Google Play

If GoodReads and Instagram were to have a baby this would be the result. It’s a simpler app to keep track of books you read and review them but it also lets you take pictures and post them. I’ve kind of fallen out of touch with this one (there’s only so much space on my phone guys) but it was really fun to use, more so if you have friends to follow.

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      Yes I should really add Canva to the list, you’re totally right. I personally use Photoshop but Canva is a great free option! I’ll add it to the list!

  1. I actually only recently heard of BookOut! Haven’t tried it myself just yet, but I think I want to. Same goes for Libib, which sounds like a really great way just to catalog all of the books I own (which is a project I’m currently avoiding because it’ll be a massive undertaking…). Thanks for such an informative post!

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