2017 Blogging/Bookish Resolutions

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Hello lovelies! I’m sure you’re all getting really tired of seeing blogging resolutions so please just hang on once more because this is the last new year’s type post I’ll be doing (hopefully).

I don’t usually do resolutions because it’s hard to decide at the beginning of the year where I want to be at the end. Things change, stuff happens, and the resolutions fail. This year I’m trying to pick some that I know (with some effort) I can keep.

1. Read for myself: This is something we all say we do but in reality I read a lot of books for blog tours and ones that authors ask me to read. I have no problem with that but this year I’m going to learn to say no to books that I don’t really want to read.

2. Keep my Netgalley ratio above 80%: I did pretty good at this last year so I’m hoping it’ll be just as easy this year. I’m also going to try and limit my ARC requests a little because I hate it when they pile up.

3. Read more diverse books: It’s not that I don’t read diverse books now, I just don’t go out looking for them. This year I’m aiming to read more books specifically about cultures I’m not familiar with because I love reading about them.

4. Read more non-fiction: I usually read one of two non-fiction books a year but I think I should probably be reading more. Specifically memoirs and hopefully some art books!

5. Schedule blog posts even farther in advance: I’d like to have a month of blog posts finished a month before. That way I can sit back and relax. I’m also going to try picking one day a week to just write as many posts as I can and keep everything up to date.

6. Introduce more features: I’ve got some ideas and plans for new features on the blog. It’s been a busy end of 2016 so I haven’t gotten to write any “fun” posts that aren’t reviews or blog tours. 2017 will be better I promise!

7. Finish up my blog theme: I’ve been working on it for a while and it’s just about finished but now is the time to have it all done!

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