Wanderlust Wednesday: Everywhere Edition

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Our freebie week means we’re trying to hit those places that we couldn’t get to during our three months of book travels. I mentioned places like Sweden, Greece, and Korea in my Arrival Day post but there’s so much more! Check out these gorgeous photos at the end of this post too!


My arrival day post included some great books set in all sorts of places like The Circle, On the Island, and Nobody’s Princess. I wish I could have found more books set in the smaller countries in Europe because there’s so many of them!


One food I actually eat fairly often is Korean. There’s this little restaurant where I live that this man owns with his wife and they’re just the most adorable people. I normally get Dak Galbi which is a spicy chicken dish but they have a pretty big variety of foods on their menu. I even make Dak Galbi at home sometimes! The best part is that he always gives us a free date cookie for desert and they’re always fresh from the oven. It’s easily one of my favourite spots to eat.


There’s just too many movies for me to name here! I love my Disney movies so that’s usually what I watch and I’m not even big on TV shows either. I wish there was more TV shows for me to watch that don’t take place in the US. There’s just so many of them and I’d like a change of scenery sometime.



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