Wanderlust Wednesday: Middle East Edition

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The middle east is a hard place to live in, though I haven’t experienced it myself. Despite that, it’s a beautiful place full of lots of beautiful people. I hope that one day (soon!) it becomes more peaceful and an even better place.


My arrival day post included some great books set in the middle east such as The Wrath and the Dawn and The Fire Wish. I really do want to read more books set here, maybe even some non-fiction! If you have any recommendations please don’t hesitate to let me know!


I feel like Middle Eastern foods are not something that I would like. During my research I found that they use a lot of lives, hummus, and chickpeas, all of which I really don’t like. They all look delicious though! There was something I found called Tahchin which is a kind of rice cake that looked really yummy. If I had to try anything, that would be it!


Obviously Aladdin is my favourite movie set in the Middle East. Can you tell that I don’t really watch movies much? As you all know I’d much rather read a book than watch a movie so recs are always appreciated.

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