Wanderlust Wednesday: Canada Edition

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No we don’t live in igloos, we don’t ride polar bear or moose, and it isn’t always snowing here. I feel like a lot of people don’t know what goes on in Canada but it’s fairly similar to the US except way less populated. We have our big cities but I think most people live outside them, I know I do. The one rumour that is true, is that Canadian’s do say sorry a lot. I never noticed it until I started visiting places outside our country. It’s weird how that works.

Now here’s the truth about some of those rumours:

I can’t speak for all the provinces in Canada but I live in the Maritimes which is on the east coast. We have some good weather and some horrible weather. 2 years ago the snow banks were over our heads and it was impossible to leave your house some days. Last year it hardly snowed at all though there’s always some really cold days. In the summer it can be pretty warm! The thing about the Maritimes is that the weather always goes from one extreme to the next. You could have a snowy day followed by a really warm and sunny day. It makes no sense at all.

I’ve never actually seen a moose up close (and most people haven’t) but I’m thankful for it because their terrifying. It seems to be a huge symbol when people think of Canada. We have moose warning signs everywhere but they’re a cause of A LOT of accidents. Geese are another terrifying animal. You don’t EVER want to mess with s goose.

I think that one thing that is the truth about Canada is the nature. You know all those gorgeous pictures you see online with the forests and lakes and animals? I live there. I get to see things like that all the time and I’m SURE I take advantage of that. The disadvantages are that the big cities are spread out so far that there isn’t always fun things to do so you have to make your own fun. That includes: drinking, bbqing, camp fires, wandering through the woods, swimming in the ocean, and anything else we can think of doing. It has it’s downsides but I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Now moving on to some fun Canadian things!


You should have hopefully seen my arrival day post on Sunday where I recommended some great Canadian books! They included: City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, and Center Ice by Cate Cameron (plus a few more!) I also wanted to mention some great Canadian authors! Kelley Armstrong, Amanda Sun, Morgan Rhodes, Cate Cameron, and Alwyn Hamilton are just a few that come to mind. Check them out!!


I highly suggest you google thesefor pictures! I don’t often take pictures of my food so I did the best I could. Keep an eye on my Instagram because I’m determined to eat some Canadian food this week!


This is probably the one Canadian food you have heard about (next to bacon and maple syrup). It’s fries with gravy and cheese curds on them. (Cheese curds are basically¬†little chunks¬†of cheesy deliciousness made in Quebec) The best part about poutine is that you can put anything on it! I personally like bacon and green onion on mine too put you can put pulled pork, the works, steak, or anything you want on it! Anything goes! I encourage you all to try it sometime!

Poutine Rape

Slightly different type of poutine. It looks disgusting but tastes really yummy! It’s a ball of potato with pork in the middle. The whole thing is boiled which is why it looks slimy. It really is good though I promise! I don’t eat this one quite as much (because it’s REALLY unhealthy haha) but it’s really tasty!


This is one of my favourite Canadian (French Canadian apparently) dishes. My mom makes chicken fricot all the time and it’s the best soup for colder days. That’s all it really is, chicken soup, but some people put dumplings in them (I don’t since I don’t really like them) and the secret ingredient is lots of summer savory. Combine it all together and you get a warm bowl of delicious.



This is probably one of the most Canadian TV shows I’ve seen. I feel like this is what most people think of when they hear the word Canada. It’s set in Alberta on a horse ranch and it’s about a girl known as the “horse whisperer”. It’s often said throughout the show that she doesn’t whisper to horses, she just listens. It’s such a typical Canadian thing to say that it makes me laugh. It does make me want to take up riding again though!



These are just some pretty pictures showing you all how awesome Canada is.








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  1. What do you mean you don’t ride moose? This is a shocker for me! Lol, I’m just joking. Canada sounds like a cool place (pun intended). Poutine actually sounds quite good.

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