Travelling the Pages: Get Your Boarding Passes Ready!

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Hello lovelies! I wanted to introduce you all to a new feature me and Alice @ Alice’s Book Vault are starting. We wanted to give you all a heads up before we started it so you could be as excited as we are because we really are excited!


We’d like to invite you all to come on a road trip we us! That’s right, we’ll be travelling the world! Through the pages of books of course. We find (and I’m sure you all agree) that the majority of books we read take place in the United States. That’s probably really cool for people who live there but what about the rest of us who can’t relate to those places? Or for those people who are just looking for a change of scenery? This feature was created to highlight books that take place somewhere other than the US! The US is great and everything but it’s time for a trip!


This feature will be starting in October and going until the end of the year. That’s three whole months of use talking about some great books! Each week we’ll be spotlighting a new place. We’re starting in Canada the first week and moving all the way across the world and back again. Some places I’m excited for are Japan and India but we’ve got 13 weeks where we stop at a new place every Sunday. Every Sunday we’ll be revealing our next stop as well as mentioning at least one book that takes place there. Every Wednesday we’ll have almost a discussion post where we talk about some fun things we’ve learnt about that place and maybe talk about some new foods we’ve tried or a move we’ve watched! This isn’t just about books, it’s about celebrating all these different cultures! We’ve started our reading now but we’ll even be posting some reviews for books each week! Basically it’s going to be a really great time and we encourage everyone to tuned in and read as many books from as many different places as you can!


Also, if you’re interested in writing a guest post for us during this time (about anything travel related or about books that take place not in the US or anything else you can think of!) then please, please, please either let me or Alice know OR fill out this super handy form we made!


Don’t forget to follow both me and Alice on either WordPress or Bloglovin! You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for even more fun content! We’re really excited for the next three months and we hope you’ll be joining us!

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