Flipping to the Screen: Matilda

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This is a new feature that I’ve only done once before this. Basically I’m trying to read a book and compare it to the movie! It’s a lot of fun especially with all the new movies coming out it seems.

Today I went back a little ways. I had rewatched Matilda with some of my friends because some of them had never seen it (how? right?). I remember watching this movie a bunch when I was younger. I was inspired to listen to the audiobook after learning that Kate Winslet was the narrator!

The Book

This is a rare case where I watched the movie before reading the book. I knew the movie was good so my expectations for the book were pretty high.

I loved reading ( or listening ) to this book! I thought Kate Winslet did an amazing job at capturing all the different characters and staying very true to the tone of the book. It was meant to be a fun childish story but still had some pretty deep morals in there.

This is a book that has a ton of great inspirational quotes. Matilda is someone to look up to for sure! She was also a great character! She was so much smarter than her age, not just in books but in everything else as well. I think this is an easy story for children and adults to enjoy together.

The Movie

I think this is one of those movies that just about everyone has seen. You all remember when Matilda is in her room making cheerios zoom around her while some fun music was playing right? Well that didn’t exactly happen in the book which made me a little disappointed. I was still just as happy with this book as I was with the movie.

I think this is a case where I thought the movie did the book justice. They were actually extremely similar for which I was thankful. There were things that happened in the movie that didn’t happen in the book. They still made sense to me though because this was a pretty short book to make into a movie so they needed a little bit more to keep peoples interest. The two investigators that Matilda sees around? They weren’t mentioned in the books but their presence still fit with the story. This was easily one of the best book to movie adaptations I’ve seen.

I was impressed with both the book and the movieĀ and I’d highly recommend them!

The Ratings

Book: 5/5 stars

Movie: 5/5 stars

What were your thoughts on the book or movie? Do you agree? Which book to movie adaptation should I try next? Let me know below!

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