Six Subscription Boxes For Book Lovers To Try

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If you don’t currently live in a hole with no internet access then you’ve seen the huge amount of subscription boxes that have taken over our bank accounts lately. While there’s tons of book boxes, there’s so many other subscriptions to choose from so if you have any hobby or interest AT ALL, then there’s something for you!

This is a post containing some of my personal experience with some subscription boxes as well as a few guests I’ve invited. Hopefully this helps to give you a good idea of what a few of these subscription boxes are like and maybe you’ll even give one a try!

For those who have been living in a hole: A subsciption box is a box that you pay for monthly (or tri-monthly or yearly) and it gets delivered to your door. You don’t have to do anything except wait for your box to come in. Some boxes are all about makeup (like Ipsy!) where they deliver makeup samples each month. There’s even boxes for your dog (like BarkBox!) where you dog get treats and toys every month. The ones I’m talking about today are book (or book inspired) boxes. They usually have one book and some other book related goodies. In the case of books, the boxes are usually themed just to make them that much more fun.


What is it? 

OwlCrate is a YA specific monthly book box. It includes one hardcover, new release YA book plus 3-5 other fun items all revolving around the theme for that month. Some previous themes includes: Writer’s Block, Get Inspired, Myths & Legends, Leading Ladies, and so many more!

What countries does it ship to?

Everywhere except Mexico!


$29.99 monthly (less if you pay every 3 or 6 months) plus shipping ($7 – US, $11 – Canada, $20 -Int). That’s in US dollars. There’s also gift boxes where you only pay for one month one time but you can cancel anytime with the other options.


I ended up getting 2 months of this subscription box because I loved it so much! I loved the idea of the themes plus the fact you get a newly released book. It cut down on my spending for books because I always had to wait to see what I got in the box first. I also loved the little goodies I got. I got tea, jewelry, magnets, plus all sort of other fun goodies. It’s just so much fun getting something like this in the mail every month!

My only complaint is the price. If you’re living in the US it’s a great price! I’m living in Canada though so with the exchange rate (which sucks right now) plus the extra shipping it was around $60 a box. At the point it’s just not worth it. If our dollar gets closer to the US dollar though I’ll be back on board with this box for sure!


4.5/5 – price was the only thing that brought this down.

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Once Upon a Book Case

What is it?

Ok this is a fun one. Instead of getting a book, you get a gorgeous phone case that looks like a book! How cool is that?! It’s a different book cover each month plus there’s 3 different styles of boxes. There’s the girly girl, manly man, and the anything and everything box. You can purchase these every 1, 3, and 6 months. There’s also a gift option which lets you only buy one month one time. Along with your phone case you get 3-4 other little items that match the theme of that month. Some previous themes include: Peter Pan, Cooking, Moby Dick, Beetlejuice, and so much more!

What countries does it ship to?

They don’t have a specific list but from what I can see it’s international.


$26.00 a month plus shipping ($11 – Canada is all I know!). That’s also in US dollars I’m pretty sure.


Once again, the Canadian exchange rate sucks right now so I ended up paying about $50 for this book. Way less than some of the others plus the phone case is stunning! It lastly a pretty long time with only a little bit of wear in the folds. There’s also slots for credit cards on the inside so you can use the whole thing as a mini wallet when you go out. It’s honestly a really nice phone case that could probably sell for $40 alone. My goodies were also really cute. The case and theme I got was the Gone With the Wind case. The whole feel of that box matched the book perfectly! (I had gotten the girly girl box fyi) It’s not something I would subscribe to monthly (because I don’t change my phone case that often) but I would get the girl boxes every couple of months. The price isn’t even that bad considering the exchange rate. Plus you can even buy her cases individually.


4.5/5 – Loved it!

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Lit Cube

What is it?

LitCube is another box that includes a book with each box. They are not YA or genre specific so you can get all sorts of different kinds of books. They’re also known for including t-shirts in many of their boxes. Some themes include: Mermaids, Lost in Austen, Peter Pan, Classic Romance, and of course many more.

What countries does it ship to?

This box is international as far as I can tell.


$34.95 plus shipping (free – US, $10 – Canada, $15 – Int). It’s available monthly or as a one month, one time gift option. Once again this is in US dollars.


This box probably has the most things in it that I’ve seen so far. I got a tote, a baked goody, a ring, etc. It just felt like the worth of this box was much more than what I paid for it (which is good). I also kind of liked that this wasn’t YA only (though I did end up getting a YA book hehe). I felt like I couldn’t even guess what book was going to be coming this month whereas when it’s just a new YA release then I have an idea. It felt more like a real surprise!

My only complaint (again) is the price because it’s kind of sucky for international people. Also I was pretty disappointed with the shipping time. I got the July box but only received it over a week into August which I didn’t like. It was getting harder to avoid spoilers at that point. I have one more book coming (mostly because they have really cool themes) but after that I think I’ll put it on pause for a while.


4/5 – Exciting but shipped really slow.

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Nerdy Post

What is it?

This is another box where it’s book inspired but doesn’t include a book. This is because a book can be heavy which increases the shipping cost and Nerdy Post is all about keeping shipping costs low. This box also has themes and they’re usually certain fandoms. It’s a new box so the only themes so far have been: Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. This subscription is all about hand lettering designs. She designs everything herself and nothing is digital (so no premade fonts and embellishments). Included is a medium sized 8×10 print (which is the main focus of this box) and then a few other smaller things with other prints on them such as bookmarks, magnets, notepads, etc…

What countries does it ship to?



$21.00 plus shipping (free to Canada and US and $7 everywhere else!). This is also in US dollars I’m pretty sure.


I really liked the idea of this box and I’ve seen a bunch of her artwork so I was excited to get this one! I was glad to see that it came in a tube because that’s the best way to ship art so it doesn’t get bent or broken. I thought the items I got were pretty sweet and fun but I’m not sure if I would get this box all the time. I didn’t like how the themes were fandom related. So my first month I got Game of Thrones stuff which was awesome but my second month is Doctor Who which I have never seen before so it feels like a waste of money. It’s great of you have friends or siblings that are in these fandoms but not worth it for me. If you’re a part of tons of fandoms though then this is a great box for you!


3.5/5 – Great quality but the themes weren’t worth it.



Fandom of the Month Club – As Explained by Jamie!

What is it?

Fandom of the Month Club is a monthly subscription box that sends out fandom inspired jewellery. It always comes in a stamped bag and has a themed magnet with it as well!

What countries does it ship to?

It ships internationally! It is a lower price for both US and Canada than the international packages, but it can still be shipped worldwide.


Month to month is $13; 3 month prepay is $36; 6 month prepay is $66; 12 month prepay is $120! Shipping inside the United States is $3.75 per box; Canada shipping is $8.00 per box; International shipping is $11.50 per box.

Honestly out of all the subscription boxes, it is one of the most reasonably priced ones out there for fandom inspired items.


I had ordered a three month subscription last year to try it out and I loved it. It had a mix of different fandoms and was awesome. I got a little bit of every fandom that I am a fan of and it was really nice to be able to show off my love for them through jewelry.

I then ordered a three month subscription (which just expired this month, July 2016) and had mixed feelings about it. I thought the items were of excellent quality but they had shifted from themes (aka Fantasy) to specific fandoms.

I received boxes for Chronicles of Narnia, BBC Sherlock (image here), and Wizard of Oz (image here). While these boxes all had excellent quality products, I had a hard time with them because I’m not a HUGE fan of Chronicles of Narnia or BBC Sherlock so I felt like my products were wasted on me. They weren’t products I would use because I wasn’t super into the fandom.

Fandom of the Month Club has shifted from themes to specific fandoms so I have stopped my subscription. I feel as though their broad themes were much better than the specific ones. However their products are great quality and it is great to get some unique products.


Quality of Products: 4.5/5

Usability of Items: 2.5/5

Shipping Packaging: 3/5

Shipping Time: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5


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Fairy Loot – As Explained by Rebekah!

What is it?

Fairyloot is a YA book subscription box containing a hardback copy of a newly released book and 4+ book related goodies! Each month has a different theme!

What countries does it ship to?

They ship worldwide from the UK


£26 + shipping


I absolutely loved it! The packaging was beautiful and the products were all amazing and perfect for the theme of that months box!



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  1. I didn’t realize you’ve tried so many. I can’t believe how expensive it is here in Canada. I’d love to try OwlCrate someday. It’s definitely my favourite one that I’ve seen. But $60? I just can’t convince myself to fork the money over. By the way, I’m so exited the website is up and running. It looks great! 😀

    • bftreviews

      I’ve been trying them slowly over the last year haha that’s the only reason why I’ve got so many here. The price SUCKS in Canada but some of them are so cool. It makes me sad that I can’t subscribe to them 🙁
      And I’m excited too!!!

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