Summer Blogger Promo Tour: 2016 Wrap Up

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Hello again everyone! It’s time to wrap up the Summer Blogger Promo Tour. Unfortunately, it ended a few weeks early because the tour was cancelled a couple weeks ago. I had enough posts to keep going so that’s what I did. This post is just a recap in case any of you missed anything during the last couple of months!
In case you forgot, the Summer Blogger Promo Tour is where I invited a new blogger to guest post on my blog every Sunday for the whole summer. It was created by The Book Bratz so don’t forget to check them out too!
I asked Wren what her favourite book covers were.
Wren from The Litaku is starting to learn how to draw. It’s a hobby we both share so I asked her to list her top ten favourite book cover art to help us all get a little inspired. You can see what books she picked here!
Anna participated in the GIF tag.
The GIF tag is where I named 10 books and Anna had to pick a GIF that represented her feelings about that book. Some were spot on and others were hilarious. We had a great time doing this one! You can see her fantastic answers here.
Divya shared with us the fictional places she’s dying to visit.
I’m always curious as to what fictional places other people who want to visit and why. It’s so much different than asking them what real places they want to visit. Divya picked some really awesome places and explained why she’d want to visit them. You can see what she picked here.
Dejah participated in the Disney book tag with me.
We channelled our inner Disney princess and came up with some great book recommendations for you guys based on some great Disney movies. You can see what books we picked here.
LaLa gave us some awesome indie recs.
LaLa is a big fan of indie books. Since she reads so many of them, I asked her to list us some of her favourites. She picked lots of different books for tons of different genres! You can see what books she picked here.
I gave Jess a tough book quiz and she passed with flying colours.
This was a fun one. I made up a quiz based on books Jess had on her GoodReads shelves. There were quotes, cover art, and word games! She did a great job and got most of the questions right! You can try you luck at the quiz here.
That’s a wrap folks! The Summer Blogger Book Tour is over for this year! It was a lot of work but I had fun and met a bunch of new people. I don’t think it will be something I’ll participate in again next year but I’m glad I did it. Make sure you go check out those posts and visit the blogs of the people I hosted this summer!

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