Top Ten Things Books Have Made me Want to Do

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I’m actually really excited for this topic today. I love learning and learning through books is my favourite way to do it. These 10 books have made me want to learn and do new things!


Ink by Amanda Sun has made me want to travel to and learn about Japan

I’d also like to try a lot of their foods!. This book started an obsession. Ok maybe not quite an obsession (yet) but after reading these detailed descriptions of how awesome Japan is, I couldn’t help but add it to the places I want to visit. I’d also like to learn more about their mythology because I feel like this book only just touched on it.

poison study

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder has made me want to become a sweet assassin

Maybe this one isn’t realistic but how cool would it be to be a poison master? Or to be able to pick up a sword and do awesome things with it? I love the idea of being an assassin (minus the killing of course) and I’d just love to learn to be lethal like that.


Winter by Marissa Meyer made me want to become a princess

This one probably isn’t realistic as well plus I’m sure Disney had something to do with it, but I want to be a princess. Or a queen. Seriously though, who doesn’t? Maybe it’s less the idea of being a princess and more of the idea that I want to wear big ball gowns and go to balls. It sounds like so much fun though! Plus princess politics seem much more interesting to me than our present day politics.


Air Awakens by Elise Kova made me want to draw again

Drawing is something that I’ve always done it’s just that lately I haven’t had time for it. This book (and its cover) made me want to pick up a brush or a pencil and start back at it! It wasn’t just the cover either that helped with this decsion. There’s something about this book that just made me want to do more with myself. It made me want to learn new things and push myself to be better. I love that about this story!

Tigers Curse

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck made me want to learn more about mythology that wasn’t Greek

I don’t know about you but in school I learnt about Greek and Roman mythology. I loved mythology so this was exciting for me. I didn’t realize there was so much more mythology to learn though until I read this book! Now I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can because I love it so much! Any other mythology book recs are appreciated!

city of the lost

City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong (and any other police mystery book) made me want to become a detective

I know this will never happen, but being a detective seems kind of satisfying. Also growing up and reading lots of James Patterson and Dean Koontz made me want to be a detective also. Maybe in another life that’s what I’ll do.

unicorn tracks

Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember made me want to ride a unicorn

Because who wouldn’t want to? Also I just loved the safari elements in this book and I think that would be a cool thing to do one day. It won’t be as cool as seeing unicorns and griffins but I’ll be happy with the next best thing.

a court of mist and fury

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas made me want to leave our world and live in a magical fairy realm

While I didn’t really like this book much it was for plot reasons. I loved the descriptions of this crazy world the author gave us. I wish I could live in a gorgeous place like this (minus the crazy evil people). I’m just jealous of the characters that get to live in these cool paranormal worlds. If these places were real I’d be all in.

harry potter

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling made me want to discover the magical powers I know I have

I know I’m still waiting for my letter. I’m also still convinced that maybe, just maybe, I’m secretly a wizard. Let’s just say that if Hagrid knocked on my door, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d also probably cry because Hogwarts is a dream all us Harry Potter fans have.

a great and terrible

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray made me want to live in the Victorian era

If I could go back in time to any point, it would be Victorian England. I love everything about it and I love reading books about it. It’s almost like being there. Of course I’m sure not everything I read is 100% true but I still love learning as much as I can about this time period.

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10 responses to “Top Ten Things Books Have Made me Want to Do

  1. Lol ‘I would love to be an assassin (without the killing of course).’ I find that hilarious because that’s what an assassin is. What kind of mythology is Tiger’s Curse?

  2. Tiger’s Curse is definitely one of my favorite books, and I’m so glad it inspired you to learn more! It’s one of the only books I’ve read that incorporates the Hindu religion as a main part of the storyline, so that’s a very cool thing about it. (And of course Ren). And I totally agree with everything on this list, even though I haven’t read Unicorn Tracks, City of the Lost, or Air Awakens. Great post!

    • Thank you! I find I’m getting bored of the Greek and Roman mythology books now that they’re everywhere. It’s always nice to see an author inspired by something different. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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