Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Book Cover Art With Wren

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Welcome to the first stop of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! I’m really excited to be participating this year!

For those who don’t know, this is a summer-long tour hosted by the lovely ladies at The Books Bratz where each participate introduces you to a new blogger every Sunday. This tour is to promote new book blogs that you might not have heard of and for all of us to make some new friends! For more information go here.

Today I’m excited to introduce you all to Wren from The Litaku where she blogs about books and anime. She also mentioned to me that she’s taking up drawing so I thought it would be a good idea to share her favourite book cover art with us to get us all inspired a little bit!

Here’s what Wren has to say:

Book covers can make it or break it for some people (Not me.) But I can admire a good cover. Here are ten awesome book covers I adore.

1) Illuminae

This book is just pure gorgeousness. I love it.
But the cover is amazing. From the blurb from Marie Lu to the words printed onto the book itself, you are given a sensory overload. Just try to read it all.
Also, Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog mentioned that if you have the hardcover, you can take off the dust shield thing and reveal a hidden message. Have fun with that!

2) A Conjuring of Light

Not only do I love the style for all the Shades of Magic covers, I love the books themselves. Unlike the first book ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ with Kell running between London or the second book ‘A Gathering of Shadows’ with a magical looking person on the cover (It’s Lila to my knowledge), this cover has a seated person. This is different than the other books with people in motion (Or seeming to be in motion. Ehem…Lila.)
The colors are awesome, and it’s very stylistic. LOVE IT.

3) A Thousand Pieces of You

I’m not a huge fan of this book, but the cover is just -drools-. It’s so gorgeous. It uses colors with a fantastic way. The watercolor effect is gorgeous.
Plus, the usage of the mirrored skylines of two different places tells you a lot about the story. It’s based on two different places (Actually, it’s more than that, but it’s in mostly two.)

4) The Raven King

I just adore this cover and the series. I love the painted look of the deer/woodland creature. It looks so cool. I’m not sure what the deer symbolizes, but I’ll find out soon! Or…one day. (I haven’t read this book yet, but I will! Definitely.)

5) Six of Crows

The crow is a symbol of the Dregs (Remember the crow drinking from the cup? Yup, that crows.)
And the buildings of Ketterdam in its wings? Something subtle that speaks volumes. I love this cover so much even if it’s kinda simple.
A+ for the texture on its wings also. Just WOW.

6) History Is All You Left Me

I love this cover. It’s two boys standing on the divide. Which is what the story’s about. It’s about a boy who lost his love to death. It’s a great use of color and mirroring.
The sun and moon (Light and dark) opposites really show a lot about the book. (Also, anyone else laughing softly at the mild ‘Haikyuu’ reference? Hinata and Tsukishima?)
Again, I haven’t read this book yet, but I have an ARC which I will attempt soon enough!

7) Of Fire and Stars

If you need to get away with one thing from this cover, it’s the AMAZING fonts. Just…ahhh. (As a page designer, my heart is bursting. It’s BEAUTIFUL.)
You see the two silhouettes on the cover. I approve of silhouettes. Because while you don’t have to do details on the face, you need to add extra designs (Like weapons or crowns) to make the person look interesting. 
Plus, the winglike texture around the words? PLEASE. It’s amazing.

8) A World Without You

Again, we get a silhouette. In black. But you have colorful lines across his face. Which would mean a divided personality. Hm… But this is just conjecture! (I haven’t read this yet.)
And the details of his hair! Ah, be still my beating heart!

9) Vicious
This is one of my favorite books ever. And it’s a pretty awesome cover. You see the stark white of Victor’s hair. And the dark black of his coat. The dripping blood on the glass is dramatic but subtle. And the looming, crimson-stained buildings show that Victor’s view of the world. It’s an amazing use of color. And I just love this book!


10) Cinder

The font is amazing. But the real highlight is the see-through leg. The red slipper offsets the glossy, pale color of Cinder’s leg. And we get to see the innards of her leg. It’s pretty awesome.
Also, just check out the other versions of this cover. They are awesome too!


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I love all the covers Wren picked! Aren’t they gorgeous?! Illuminae especially because I love the cover design of that one!

Don’t forget to check back next Sunday when I’ll be hosting Anna from Unquenchable Reads!


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  1. Ooh, first of all–I noticed the new theme, Chelsea, and I love it! Now to the actual post: my favorite covers are usually ones with metallic lettering and cursive font! I also tend to like the more simplistic ones, such as Of Fire and Stars as you mention above. Covers are so important in the book world, to be honest!

    Jess @ POB!

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