Review: The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6)

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Review: The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6)The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead
Series: Bloodlines #6
Published by Razorbill
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Young Adult
5 Stars
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Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives.

Their forbidden romance exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion to Richelle Mead’s bestselling Bloodlines series.

When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, she and Adrian becomes enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world and alter their lives forever.

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Why does Richelle Mead write the greatest stories and have the suckiest covers? Well maybe not the suckiest but they aren’t all that great.

Initial Thoughts

I was waiting forever for this to come out in paperback so I could read it. I had fairly high hopes though which I try not to do to myself in case I get disappointed.

My New BFF

I didn’t find myself relating to many of the girls all that much in this book. I’d rather be best friends with Eddie. He’d be the perfect friend because he’s beyond loyal and caring. He’s great at doing his job without letting feelings get in the way. Plus he’s a little badass and who doesn’t love that?

My Crush

It’s impossible to read this book and not fall madly in love with Adrian. That is, if you haven’t read the first books anyways because you’ll fall for him much sooner. My favourite part about him was how lost he was at the start. We’re used to seeing these perfect male characters so it was refreshing to see someone normal. I was glad to see more of him in this book. His character really start to show how much he’s changed.

Writing Style

I really like Richelle’s writing style. She’s amazing at creating all these different characters and then letting them grow through the series. She’s also great at not making things too happy. You can’t have all these crazy adventures and everything turns out perfect. That’s not how the world works. I really liked how we got to see some of our old favourite characters come back but not take the spotlight. Her world building is great too and I was glad we got to see so much of the alchemists in this whole series. It was a great addition to the vampires.

Closing Thoughts

All i can say is: What a journey! It was crazy, fun, terrifying, but satisfying in the end. I’m a little disappointed that the ending wasn’t a little bit more dramatic but I’m happy with how it turned out. I really liked the little piece of Sydney and Adrian’s lives we saw at the end. That was cute.

5  out of 5 stars

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