Project 52 – Depths of Winter

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Bookish Scene: Project 52 is about photography and showcasing books to fit weekly themes. It’s hosted by Word Revel and What Georgie Did.

Winter in Real Life

People who don’t have winters are always complaining about how much they’d love the snow. Let me tell you a secret though: It’s not all that great! You see these book covers? Do you see the gorgeous white on the trees and the perfect snow hill? Yea. It looks nothing like that. Winter isn’t actually white in case you didn’t know. It’s brown. Very brown. It starts off a lovely white and then quickly turns into a brown sort of mush after it gets mixed in with dirt and sand. This is unavoidable too because you can’t drive on icy snow. There’s storms all the time and you might think “oh that doesn’t seem so bad.” Wrong again! It could be worse obviously, but it’s not fun. Maybe when you’re a kid and get snow days but not when you’re an adult and you have to drive in 0 visibility snow storms to get to work.

Also winters are beyond cold! It’s not so bad when there’s a light layer of snow falling and it’s only -5 out but then the next day it’s -40. How that happens I couldn’t tell you. I probably don’t live in the best of areas either though. It’s close to the ocean which means lots and lots of wind! I’d love to live in a place where it doesn’t snow so be thankful all you crazy people!

Winter in Books

We don’t often see winter portrayed in books very often. Authors tend to pick the warm seasons, probably because of how much easier it is. I actually had a hard time finding books for this winter themed photo because most books are all about summer! If you know of any other wintery books though don’t be shy! Leave me a comment down below so I can add some chilly books to my shelves.


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  1. Nice post! Two recent favorites of mine with a wintery feel are The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey and In Falling Snow by Mary-rose MacColl.

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