Discussion: Best (and worst) Book Cover Trends

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I did a post not too long ago about book cover makeovers that I loved and hated. I like doing post about book covers because it’s something that really relates to me since I’m a designer. I hate having ugly books on my shelves! So if you’re an author reading this then take notes! Some of these trends should have been over a long time ago!

Best Cover Trends


These will always be my favourite. It’s probably the designer in me but I like a plain book cover that shows me all the information I need and is still pretty. Typography does that pretty well.


Minimalistic / Silhouettes

As a designer, my style has always taken a minimalistic approach. I love seeing book covers that I would have designed.


Artsy/Hand Drawn

These are the best because you can tell a lot of effort was put into them. There is a limit though. Don’t over do it!



Cover that don’t have people on them / Covers with an object of importance

I’m tired of covers with people on them. I like seeing something different. You know what else is great? When the item is actually symbolic for the book!


Worst Cover Trends

The typical half face cover or masked face cover

I’m so over these. Let’s move on please.


Girl in pretty dress

As much as I LOVE the pretty dresses, they typically have nothing to do with the story. A lot of the time the main character would never be caught dead in a dress. So why bother with it on the cover? See how pretty they are? But they have nothing to do with the book. Also it’s waaaaay over done.


Couple in love

These ones just bore me. Plus they just seem awkward to me. I don’t want to be reading a really great book and have to put it down because someone has noticed you and you’re embarrassed by the half naked couple on the cover. Come on now



Just plain boring

The typical mystery, mass market paperback type books. Or the outdated design books. I’m sure they sell fine but why can’t they look pretty too!?


Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Let me know below!


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19 responses to “Discussion: Best (and worst) Book Cover Trends

  1. What a unique discussion! I love this!
    Totally agree with the typography trend; I’m so glad you mentioned The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender because it may be one of my favourite book covers of all time. Everything about it is beautiful and the colours are sooooo nice to look at.
    I also agree with the face/half-face trend; I find the covers very off-putting, though I did like the Vampire Academy covers… though that’s probably more sentimentality than design reasons!

  2. This is such a great post! 😀 I love the covers you chose, and I agree with you about the typography, those are such beautiful covers 🙂 And girls in dresses / half faces / couples in love, this cruely lack some originality,- even if that doesn’t stop me from wanting to read some books 🙂

    • The girls in pretty dresses ones are usually gorgeous but you see them so often now! Just any cover with people on it seem to lack creativity lately

  3. I absolutely agree with this. Especially the cliche lovers cover or the girls in pretty dresses. Although Obsidian is one of my most favorite books ever, I have to agree that its cover is definitely not as good as the book (even the new covers, sadly). This was a very entertaining post! 🙂

  4. Ugh, yes! The worst are books that feature the couples on the front. I feel like all of Jennifer L Armentrout’s books look like that and they are so cringe-worthy. Obsidian is probably the best cover out of the series, which is saying something. I have to admit, I still like the girl in a dress covers. I am drawn to them every single time LOL. Also, Nicholas Sparks’ books always have the ugliest / most boring covers.

    • Jennifer L Armentrout’s Ever Last Breath is probably one of the worst covers ever. I wanted to read the series until I saw that book. And yes Nicholas Sparks has some boring ones haha same with those mystery mass market paperbacks.

      • Oh god, the cover for Every Last Breath. MY EYES! The first two are awfu as well. I have them sitting on my shelf slightly hidden because… ew. Honestly, though, it’s a pretty good series. It definitely wasn’t as good as the Lux series, though, but I would still recommend it. 🙂

  5. The girls in pretty dresses covers are so overdone. I won’t go near anything with male torsos on the cover, but I guess there’s a market for such things! I’m tired too of the covers with a person facing away so you just see their backs. Great post!

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