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I was recently approached by Ryan from Invaluable.com with a request to create my dream library. Now before I begin with the long list that is my dream library (Just kidding! I’ll keep it short!), I want to give you a little bit of information about this website. Invaluable.com is an online auction website, the largest in fact. Think of in the tv shows where people go to these auctions and they hold up their little signs with their number on it when they want to buy something. Now think of exactly that only online, which makes it way easier! So for my library list, I’m going to try and add as many book from their auctions as I can. Just so you can all see some of the rare books they could have. (Click on the images to go to the websites)

First edition Harry Potter Books

On invaluable.com they just happen to have Prisoner of Azkaban, which is my favourite. I’d like to have all first editions one day though. (It’s now sold but they could have more!)


This Lewis Carol Collection

Don’t judge me, but I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland. I’d like to one day though! And these books are gorgeous!


This Jane Austen Collection

She’s easily my favourite classic author and I’d love to have these gorgeous old editions.


These gorgeous classics

I can’t help but want any leather bound classic book.



The Barnes and Nobles Leather Bound Classics

Too pretty to resist.


What kinds of books would be in your dream collection? Let me know below and check out Invaluable.com for some inspiration!


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  1. Leather bound books are gorgeous… My grandmother owned this really old edition of Little Women with yellowed pages that’s almost falling out of the book. Makes the reading experience feel even more unique! 😀

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