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So this week was a freebie week! I get to pick whatever topic I want so I choose to pick my top ten book boyfriends. Now only ten could make this list so you might not see them all. These are more so my recent favourites but still favourites all the same.

1. GabrielCainsville Series: I really, really love Gabriel even though most of the time he’s a pretty big idiot. I find that since he messes up so much it makes him feel more realistic to me. I’m really excited to see more of him in the next books and I’m really, really hoping that he pulls himself together!

2. Prince KaiLunar Chronicles: I know we haven’t see a whole lot of him yet but he’s easily my favourite. I love how he makes his own desicions even though he has all these people telling him what to do. I really admire how he’s handled this whole war situation as well. He’s very strong character and I can’t wait to see more.

kiss of deception
3. KadenRemnant Chronicles: There’s two main guys in this book and I see a lot of people leaning towards Rafe, which I understand, but I’ve always been a big fan of Kaden. I love him even more after the second book and we see more of his back story. I hope things turn out good for him because he quickly grabbed my heart.

4. TomohiroInk: This was a hard relationship for me. I didn’t really like him at first but then he began to grow on me. I wish this series wasn’t over so we could see more of him after all that crazy stuff happened. I feel like he’d be an even better person. He was pushed into having a lot of power with no control and he really did make the best of his situation.

5. AdrianBloodlines: Adrian was an easy crush for me. As soon as he appeared in this book I fell in love. I liked him in Vampire Academy but he’s so much better in this series. You see a lot more of his character and there’s no way you can read this book and not love him.
winner's curse
6. ArinWinner’s Trilogy:  I’m a little annoyed with how he’s turning out in the newest book but I have faith in him. I thought he was a really well developed character and I felt like I understood him and his decisions. I loved that he didn’t come from an easy life and has to make all these tough decisions. I can’t wait to see how he turns out.

a great and terrible
7. KartikGemma Doyle Trilogy: One of my first intense crushes. Kartik is an easy character to love in a slightly less popular series. I think this series is worth the read just because of him. I love how clever and devoted he is. He’s also a really mysterious character most of the time which first lead me to loving him.

8. DamonLux Series: It’s impossible to read this series and not love Damon. Sure he can be a jerk sometimes but he’s actually super lovable. He’s suave, clever, and mysterious which is enough to attract any girl. Plus he’s always described as crazy hot so that helps a little too.

poison study
9. Valek Study Series: As soon as Valek was introduced, all I could think was this character better stick around because I absolutely love him. There’s something about a mysterious, tough guy that really keeps you interested. It was especially exciting to see how he evolved around Yelena and was actually really good to her. His relationship with her was my favourite part about him.

of poseidon

10. GalenSyrena Legacy: Galen was another one of those attractive characters. As soon as the author talks about how attractive a guy is, I’m in. That sounds horrible. It’s not the case all the time but Galen’s really sweet and a great character. He’s also a mermaid prince, which helps which that whole attractive thing.


I know I missed a lot! Anyone specific I missed? Let me know below!

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19 responses to “Top Ten Book Boyfriends

  1. Hi! I was going to do this list for this week 🙂 (But I decided on something else). I love book boyfriends. They’re the best!I hadn’t thought of putting Kartik on the list, but that’s a good one. My TTT

  2. The only books I’ve read on your list are the Study series, but I can definitely agree with Valek. He’s one of my favorite male characters ever (as from Mr. Darcy). My TTT

  3. aentee @ read at midnight

    I need to check out the Lux series stats! I loved the romance in Poison Study as well 😀

  4. thereadingpetal

    Daemon will forever be my favourite book boyfriend. It’s his whole arrogance mixed with his sweet side *swoon*. Prince Kai is actually my least favourite from The Lunar Chronicles series. I find him so … boring. I have a big crush on Captain Thorne, though :D.

  5. Haha, we think the same way, well nearly. I chose top ten contemporary book bfs for today’s freebie topic. 🙂 Prince Kai is way too perfect, I think as a bf he’s my favorite from your list. I mean, God knows I love Adrian and Arin but they’re not exactly emotionally stable… if I can say so. I’ve only read Obsidian from the Lux series but Daemon stole my heart in just that one book haha. I feel like Kartik is a very underrated character – he just doesn’t get enough recognition.
    Love your list. 🙂
    My TTT

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