Bout of Books: Day 4 Update and Day 5 Challenge

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Got more books in the mail so I have tons to read during the last couple days!

Day 4 Update

Pages Read: 278

Books Finished: 1

Currently Reading: Deceptions

Day 5 Challenge – Character Soulmates

Today’s challenge is hosted over at Blue Books and Butterflies. We are shipping characters from different books today! Here’s mine:

silver shadows13455782

I’m choosing Jill from the Bloodlines series and Kenji from the Shatter Me trilogy.

Ship Name: Oh gosh this is going to be rough. Kenijll? Jillken? They’re all pretty bad.

Reason: They both have such bubbly personalities that I think they’d fit well together. Plus they both feel so young and full of energy. Neither of them are exactly normal so this whole vampire/super powers thing wouldn’t be an issue for them I think. Can you imagine all their friends hanging out together too? That would be such a cool gang!

 How are you guys doing so far with the readathon? How many books have you read?


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