Top Ten Fairy Tale Retellings

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It’s almost like this post was made for me! I love fairy tale retellings! Plus it goes along perfectly with the Lunar Chronicles Read-along that started this month. How perfect is that?

I have realized that I haven’t read as many retellings as I thought. Most of them are series and I hate putting two books down from the same series. SO. I’ve decided to split this one up. 5 great retellings I’ve read and 5 retellings on my tbr that I can’t wait to read. Here’s what I came up with.


1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer: This one had to be #1. I’m in love with this series. I love how the retelling isn’t the main focus and that there’s a completely different plot. Plus I like how it’s a futuristic retelling.

2. Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter: I haven’t finished this series yet but I really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I like how Alice in Wonderland isn’t a typical retelling so it was really fun to read.

3. Dust City by Robert Paul Weston: This is a modern day Red Riding Hood retelling. Sort of. It doesn’t follow Little Red Riding Hood exactly because it’s told from the perspective of the wolf. It’s really cool I promise.

4. A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce: This is probably one of the more realistic retellings I’ve read. Plus Rumpelstiltskin isn’t a popular story to retell. This book sucked me in until t he very end.

5. Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey: I liked the youthfulness of this book.  I find I tend to like the young adult fairy tale retellings more but I especially liked this one. It sticks fairy close to the actual story while still being completely different and very romantic.


6. Splintered by A.G. Howard: A popular Alice in Wonderland retelling that I still haven’t gotten around to.

7. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: I’ll eventually read this one because I loved Throne of Glass, but I have to get around to buying it first.

8. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige: You don’t see many Wizard of Oz retellings so I’m excited to give it a shot!

9. Ash by Malinda Lo: Cinderella seems to be the most popular retelling that I’ve seen. That doesn’t make me want to read them any less though.

10. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge: I’ve seen this one around a lot but never knew it was a retelling. Now it’s higher on my tbr list for sure!

Which retellings have you read the most of? I’ve read a lot of Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. What are some retellings you wish you would see more often? I’ve never seen a Little Mermaid retelling which would be really cool. Also Rapunzel and The Snow Queen would be fun to see I think.

If you have any recommendations for me, please, please, please let me know!


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22 responses to “Top Ten Fairy Tale Retellings

  1. I agree on the Lunar Chronicles! Those are my favorite retellings. I haven’t read a ton of other ones. ACOTAR was ok and I really disliked Cruel Beauty. I really want to read Splintered, though.

  2. Okay, I know it’s nuts that I haven’t read Cinder yet (especially since I bought a copy weeks ago), but I’m starting it tonight! No more waiting!

    I’m also pretty intrigued by Splintered. I hadn’t heard of it until today when I saw it on a few TTT lists.

  3. aentee @ read at midnight

    Dust City and A Curse As Dark As Gold sounds awesome. Haven’t heard of the former and forgot all about the latter. Thanks for bringing them to my radar 🙂

  4. Great list! Of course the Lunar Chronicles must make an appearance. If I had known there was a read along for it this month I would have prepared myself to join in! But alas, its too late now! 😅
    I’m surprised that you did not realise Cruel Beauty was a fairytale retelling! xoxo

      • Well I’ll see! I have a pretty full schedule this month, I’m doing a buddy readalonf for Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and then The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh plus a bunch of other books just on my TBR. But if I can get around to it, I totally will join! Consider me on the fence for now. xoxo ❤

  5. Did you know that Throne of Glass was inspired by Cinderella? 🙂
    And these are some nice picks, ones I will definitely be adding to my TBR. ACOTAR is fantastic, I hope you get to it soon as possible!

  6. I love Cruel Beauty so I definitely recommend that book. I think I’ve probably read the most Cinderella retellings and Beauty and the Beast retellings – the Cinderella ones because it’s probably one of (if not THE) most retold fairytale and the Beauty and the Beast ones because I actively search them out because I love the story. Nice list.

  7. I had no idea retellings were so popular, but I’m not surprised. Are all of them dark and demonic (as most of the covers imply), or are there some more light-hearted ones?

    A retelling of Ariel…oooooh, intriguing.

    • Before Midnight was more romance than anything. There’s another series by Eloise James I think where it’s all about the romance and not dark at all haha. I like reading the lighthearted ones too 🙂 they feel more like a fairy tale

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