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I wanted to share this with you guys because I think it’s really cool and I feel like you guys could benefit from it just like me! Basically you post your link and then go visit other Facebook pages to give them a little boost. Because we all know how great Facebook is which sharing all our content. Here’s the blurb that is on the original post:

Have you noticed that despite ALL of your Facebook “Likes” you are only “reaching” a very small portion of those followers? Does that bother you? It bothers us, and we want to boost each other up. Link up with Every Free ChanceCandace’s Book Blog & If These Books Could Talk for Boost It Tuesday.

What is Boost It Tuesday, you ask? Well, we want to help each other out. We are a great community of bloggers and authors, and we should be supporting each other. Share your Facebook address below, then visit the Facebook pages, like 3-5 posts, share or comment on 1 or 2 posts. That’s it. You don’t have to “like” the page if you don’t want to, just “like” some posts. Let’s help expand each other’s page reach. Who knows! You may find a new blog or author to follow along the away. Please be aware that any non-Facebook links will be deleted.

So far I’m gaining a much bigger audience and more followers. I even won a giveaway for participating! That’s another fun part about this! There’s a giveaway every week that you can participate in! Also this is for any book blogger and authors out there! Anyone can join in!

Seriously guys, go check it out!


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