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I recently did a post about my favourite book covers and I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favourite maps as well. I’m a huge fan of maps in books because I’m a visual person and like to see where the characters are in comparison to the other characters. It’s especially a huge help in fantasy books where you have no idea what their world looks like. Also I’m a huge art nerd and some of these maps are just incredible. These are just a few of many:

eragon map

One of my first maps! This is a map of the world in Eragon. This was a huge help because there was a lot of traveling in this series. I especially love some of these names!

Seven Kingdoms map by Jeffery C. Mathison

Another extremely helpful map. This one is from the Graceling trilogy. I like how you can clearly see the division between each kingdom.

throne of glass map

This beauty is from the ever so popular Throne of Glass series. I love how big it is! It even takes up 2 pages!

poison study map

This one is from a favourite book of mine, Poison Study. This was one of the most helpful maps because there’s a couple different series that use this same map. I’d be so lost without it.


This is a favourite because of the art. It’s from the Grisha Trilogy and it’s absolutely beautiful.

red rising map

This one is from Red Rising. The first book it’s like Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones so each team has a castle they have to hold. This map made the book so much more exciting.rithmatist map

This one is extra cool because it’s North American after some sort of flooding.apocalypse. It’s fun to see where you’d be living in this new world. I’d be all way up top in Acadia! Where would you be? This one is from The Rithmatist.

Any favourites I missed? Game of Thrones is another map I love to look at. What about you guys?


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