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I got this idea from Wander-ful Words and you can see her original post here. I’ve done something like this before but I figured it’s time for an updated version. I’m not gonna lie, I do judge books by their covers. To be fair I’m an extremely visual person. I will read books that don’t have nice covers too, it’s not an all or nothing thing. I just pick up books that have nice covers more often. Here’s some of my more recent favourites:

percy jackson

The new Percy Jackson covers. This are absolutely beautiful.

dust city

Dust City: Love how creepy this one looks and the eyes at the top!


Seraphina: This one I bought strictly because of the cover. It’s so beautiful.

harry potter

The new Harry Potter covers. Loving this edition!

Tigers Curse

Tiger’s Curse: What isn’t gorgeous about this cover?

zombies vs unicorns

Zombies vs Unicorns: This is under the dust jacket but it’s so fun and crazy!

Those are just a few of my many favourites. I hope you pick one up because you like the covers as much as I do!


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