Friday Recommends: If You Don’t Like…

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I’m switching it up a little this week. This time I’m choosing a book I didn’t like and then recommending books that I believe are similar but better in my opinion. So I guess if you like this author then you might also like these books as well. Either way, this week my topic is:

If you don’t like John Green

john green

Now I’m not gonna lie here, but I’ve only read one of his books. It’s hard not to see tons of spoilers online though because his books are so popular. I have no intentions of reading any of his other books and I’ve accepted that. Here are some books that John Green reminds me of but I found to be way more entertaining and original.

If you’d like a more adult version


A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks: The Fault in our Stars reminded me of this book (even though I haven’t read it) and I think this one is much better. It’s sad and heartbreaking but it’s a beautiful story.

Gold – Chris Cleave: An inspirational story about following your dreams no matter what and doing whatever you can for the ones you love. This, to me, is an adult version of John Green.

Then Came You – Jennifer Weiner: This book is less inspirational and a little more dramatic while still having those really tough situations that John Green seems to write about often.

If you’d like books with good life lessons


True – Katherine Hannigan: This was more of a middle grade book but I still loved reading it. It was interesting and a great story.

The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love – Dyan Sheldon: This book was sort of cheesy but it was fun to read while still having great life lessons thrown in there.

If you’d like cute romance and tough family situations


The Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen: I love anything Sarah Dessen write but this one is one of my favourites. Her books are usually full of some tougher subject matter and lots of cute romance.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han: This was a recent read but I absolutely loved it. Dealing with boys can be tough but not as tough as she has it here.

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell: Not one of my favourites but still a book I think everyone should read. The romance here is a little more subtle and the subject a little tougher.


Once again, any other recommendations are appreciated! And if anyone else wants to join me, let me know!



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  1. I definitely agree on The Truth About Forever, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before & Eleanor and Park!! They were all amazing reads, and they’re all with cute romances with tough situations, which I enjoyed. <3

  2. literaryitsathena

    I like the switch up with the recommendations! I’m not a big fan of John Green, I’ve only read two and a half of his books. But I am a big fan of Sarah Dessen and agree The Truth About Forever. Her books are always easy to pick up for a reread!

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