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It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these posts. I’m slowly getting my time back though so I’m trying to put more effort into my blog! For those that don’t remember or are new here, Friday Recommends is when I recommend some books based of one popular book. This week, my topic is:

If you liked Twilight


This isn’t a book that I really enjoyed. The first one wasn’t bad but then it went downhill from there and the movies made it even worse. While I didn’t like this series A LOT of people do which is why I’m recommending some books that have a similar feel to Twilight but are much better in my opinion.

If you liked Twilight because of the vampires, try these


Dracula is a classic of course, but the vampires are very scary. It’s not as hard to read as you might think. I found the vampires, while subtle, were very vivid and creepy. I think Dracula is worth the read if you like vampires.

Vampire Academy is a little more similar to Twilight. While it has tons of vampires, there’s also some intense romance happening that will suck you right in. An excellent series if you’re interested in a different sort of vampires.

If you liked Twilight because of theΒ unique supernatural characters, try these


Daughter of Smoke and Bone has no vampires. I’m sorry. BUT if you’re a fan of all things supernatural it’s a great book to check out. There’s tons of supernatural and heavenly characters to keep you occupied and there’s even a nice love story mixed in.

Wicked Lovely is almost like Twilight but with faeries. Not the little flying pixies that you’re thinking about either. Faeries are clever and extremely dangerous so you’ll be on the edge of your seat with this series.

If you liked Twilight because of the romance mixed with supernatural, try these


Obsidian is a great book with tons of similarities to Twilight. Girl moves, makes friends with a bubbly girl who has a hot moody brother, turns out he’s an alien, possibility for romance, some super crazy bad guys. Sound familiar? What makes this series better for me is the romance. It’s not an instant fall in love sort of romance. It takes them forever to actually admit it but they tease and fight a lot so it’s very entertaining. Warning: if you read this book prepare to have unrealistic expectations towards men.

A Great and Terrible Beauty has a different sort of supernatural tied to it. It’s more like magic. BUT there’s some great romance scenes in this book. Some you’ll be jumping up and down and others will break your heart. Be prepared. Also this one is set in the Victorian era at a boarding school. It’s super fun.

Night World is a long series, but worth it in the end. It has 9 books so far and we’re waiting on the last one. There’s vampires, witches, and shapeshifters all in one series! Plus the books are all about these characters finding their soul mates (some in really unexpected places). It’s a great series that I recommend to almost everyone.

Hope you all enjoyed this little blurb. Even if you didn’t like Twilight I’d still recommend these books. Also any recommendations for me are appreciated!


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