Top Ten Books I’ll Probably Never Read

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Woohoo! Another list! I’m kind of, sort of getting back into blogging a little bit more. School is almost done and I actually have a little more free time. I can’t wait to be able to blog as much as I used to. Any tips from anyone on managing a blog? Everything is helpful! This week the theme is

Top Ten Books I’ll Probably Never Read

Now before you keep reading I need you all to promise that you won’t judge me. I know what I like and don’t like and these following books aren’t interesting to me. Here we go!


1. Anything by Megan McCafferty. I read Bumped a while ago and there’s no going back from that.

2. Once again, anything by Sarah Shepard. I read the original 8 books in the Pretty Little Liars series and I don’t understand how she keeps writing them. I’m so done.

3. Fever by Lauren DeStefano. Read the first one, didn’t like it. I tried reading this one and just couldn’t do it.

4. The Fault in our Stars or anything else by John Green. He’s too hyped up I think. I read Paper Towns and really, really hated it. I’ve read summaries for his other books and they all sound the same or feel like a rip off of a Nicholas Sparks book.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. It’s just not going to happen.


6. Last Breath by Rachel Caine. Why do authors write such long series. I can’t even remember what’s happening in it.

7. The Divide by “L.J. Smith”. This series is being continued by a ghost author and it’s not worth ruining the series for me.

8. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I tried, I really did. But it’s not working for me.

9. Revealed by P.C. Cast. Another too long series. I’ve given up.

10. Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia. The previous series, Beautiful Creatures, was like Twilight but with witches. It was really bad.

I feel bad for being so mean but I really, really hated some of these books. Hope this helps someone!


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15 responses to “Top Ten Books I’ll Probably Never Read

    • I just started reading it and it was so boring. I’ve heard people say you have to push through the first bit but I couldn’t. Plus I wasn’t a huge fan of her other series so I just didn’t bother.

  1. Ha ha, I’m so glad to finally see someone else who didn’t like The Raven Boys! Everyone else gushes about it — and same with Beautiful Creatures! I’ve been hit or miss with John Green’s books, and my book group is reading Paper Towns in June, so I’m a little worried. Oh, and I did read the 50 Shades books — the first one because I was curious, and the rest because, well, they’re awfully addicting besides being total garbage. 🙂

  2. We both have 50 Shades on our list! I agree with Kami Garcia, though she didn’t make mine. I really didn’t enjoy the two Beautiful Creatures books I read.

  3. 50 Shades was on my list and anything by John Green as well (I read TFIOS and that has put me off him for life). The hype around his books is truly awful. I have never read the Pretty Little Liars books and have no intention to, but I do enjoy the TV show. I saw Bumped in Waterstones once, read what it was about and was not inclined to read it in the slightest! I like The Raven Boys but I can understand why you don’t. I don’t think I’ll ever read Beautiful Creatures.
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