V is for Vicious Vampires

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Vampire [vam-pahyuh r]


1. a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse,that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night.

2. (in Eastern European folklore) a corpse, animated by an undepartedsoul or demon, that periodically leaves the grave and disturbs theliving, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.


1725-35; (< F) < German Vampir < Serbo-Croatian vàmpīr, alteration ofearlier upir (by confusion with doublets such as vȁzdūh, ȕzdūh air (< Slavicvŭ-), and with intrusive nasal, as in dùbrava, dumbrȁva grove); akin toCzech upír, Polish upiór, Old Russian upyrĭ, upirĭ, (Russian upýrʾ) < Slavic*u-pirĭ or *ǫ-pirĭ, probably a deverbal compound with *per- fly, rush (literalmeaning variously interpreted)


Featured Vampire:

Quinn from The Chosen

I fell in love with Quinn right away. He’s kind of mean and distant at the beginning of the book but he softens when he meets Rashel (who is a complete badass). This was easily my favourite book in the series because of these characters. Plus I think it’s great that Rashel is a vampire hunter and Quinn a vampire. Makes for a perfect couple right? Quinn is supposed to be the big, bad, scary vampire (which he is) but he’s got this softer side. Not quite soft since he is a scary vampire, but softer. A great series to pick up if you love fantasy with lots of simple romance.

night world

Summary: After witnessing the murder of her mother and her childhood friend, Timmy, by a ruthless vampire when she is about five years old, Rashel Jordan becomes a vampire hunter known as The Cat, dedicating her life to killing all vampires one by one until she finds the one that killed her mother. One night she meets her soul mate, John Quinn, a cold-hearted and very dangerous vampire.Upon touching him she gets the shock of her life. She finds herself abandoned by other vampire hunters but feels the need to save teenage girls who are being kidnapped by vampires, including her soulmate, for a blood feast. She infiltrates a vampire enclave, rescues the girls, and plans to kill any vampires she can. Quinn saves Rashel from a werewolf and thus declares his love for her and try to attempt turning her into a vampire to get married to her.But later they discover that Hunter Redfern is behind the blood feast, and Rashel remembers him as the ruthless vampire that had killed her mother when she was very young little girl. She finds out that Timmy was not killed but instead he was turned into a vampire at the age of four and raised by Hunter. Rashel’s friend Nyala, a vengeful, unbalanced vampire hunter, sets the house on fire but Quinn saves Rashel, Timmy, and Nyala and Rachel’s anger and bitterness for all vampires dissolves. Rashel and Quinn decide to stay together and join Circle Daybreak.

I really miss this series. I wish the last one would come out already! I know there’s tons of vampire book out there but who is your absolute favourite vampire? Happy reading!


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  1. Wow, I did not realise the Night World series was still going! These books were responsible for me falling in love with vampires. I first read Secret Vampire way back when I was a teenager, must have been the late 90s, and I never looked back. I still have the collection of Night World books on my shelf… nowadays I am in love with my vampires from the Redcliffe novels… detective Jack Mason is complicated, dangerous, and downright sexy!!! See you around the #AtoZChallenge

  2. stephen tremp

    I’m not into the vampire stuff too much, although in my latest MS I have some kids just out of high school as Goths and Vamps. They’re background characters for a few chapters that add some conflict to the other characters.

  3. Having run a listserv on which most of the writers fancied themselves horror writers, I’ve read more than my share of bad vampire stories. One person who did a good job was Anne Fraser (of blessed memory) whose novel “Gideon Redoak” was published posthumously. She was a superb writer and a better friend. That would be my choice.

  4. Visiting you in these closing days of the #Challenge. Always happy to find another writer. If you have time or energy at this point in April, come and see what I’ve been up to. Love finding good blogs like yours. Thanks.

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