Top Ten Characters I Wish I Could Check in With

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I love these list. I’m a little disappointed with the themes lately. I feel like they could be better. The theme this week is:

Top Ten Characters I Wish I Could Check in With

Here’s what I cam up with:


1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter: Who isn’t curious though?

2. Quinn from The Chosen: I just want this last book to come out already so I can see.

3. Gemma From A Great and terrible Beauty: What happened to her? And Kartik? I miss him.

4. Arya from Eragon: She just needs her own book I think.

5. Black Beauty from Black Beauty: What a hard life that horse had. What happened next to everyone?



6. Everyone from Chronicles or Narnia: I just need more.

7. Also everyone from The Guardian: Such great characters.

8. Westley from Princess Bride: We’re all curious how everything really turned out here.

9. Everyone from Twilight: I’m not a fan of the book but I’m curious to see what happened after. They live forever after all.

10. Sturmhond from The Grisha Trilogy: I didn’t get enough of him and he was my favourite. What happened to him?!


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