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This discussion post is all about how you choose a book to read and where you find them.

Ok, so. You just finish a book and are looking for something else good to read. What do you do to find/pick a book? I’m sure we all have huge TBR piles but even those books had to come from somewhere. I know I choose a lot of popular books that I’ve seen you all blog about or that are big on BookTube. Other times I try to be adventurous and find a book I’ve never heard of! I’m getting really good at picking books I know I’ll like though. I’m not very adventurous about what genres I read. I like sticking to my fantasy books with some contemporary thrown in there every once and a while.

Do you all keep track of new releases? I know I do. I’ve got a special notebook where I write down the ones I’m waiting for or that have caught my eye. I try to buy them as soon as they come out but most of the time I end up waiting. I still like keeping track though because I know when to preorder a book I really want. I hate ordering too early because then I forget all about it.

Where do you find your books? Do you go to your book store or browse online? I, like most of you, love to use GoodReads. I’ve got it on my phone so that when I head over to Chapters I’ve got my to-read list with me! I used to be big on going to the library but I don’t have as much time for that anymore. It’s so much easier to use my phone to order a book online. Shipping charges though. I could do without those.

What about you guys? How do you pick what to read next? Do you make a dedicated TBR pile for the month like me? Or do you pick a book at random?

Let me know!

Happy reading!


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  1. I buy my ebooks from the Amazon Kindle Store and use other book blogs to keep track of latest releases.. I like reading GoodReads’ book blurbs because I can get a feel for whether I would be interested in reading the book or not. Yes, I’ve started making a TBR pile for the month because I have so many books I want to read but not enough time! (Oh and I keep track of new releases on my iPhone! It’s easy to jot down book titles when something catches my eye on the WordPress reader.)

  2. I try to keep track of what I want to read. I try to have a monthly TBR aim, like this month I’m focusing on series and next month review copies. I often get book ideas from other blogs!

  3. I’m lucky enough to get books sent to me for reviewing, a lot of the time once I like a writer’s style I will buy anything they release. I still believe word of mouth is the best way, book swapping with someone similar to your taste in books.

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