Introducing my Bookshelf

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I thought I’d do a fun post showing you all my collection of books! Fun right? I hope so anyways.

Here is my book shelf. The majority of my books are on here. I don’t really have it organized any specific way. My series are together and I tried to organize it by height so it looked best.



Here is the top of my shelf. I have my very few graphic novels up here and the boxes to my book sets. Also Hello Kitty and my Harry Potter wands. Basically everything that didn’t fit on my actual shelves.



This is shelf number one. I have most of my smaller book series on here. Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson, etc. Also that’s my TBR jar in the corner and my golden snitch in the other.



Shelf number 2! All regular sized hard cover series. Plus my book of the month is displayed. I don’t think any of these series are complete. Whoops.



Shelf number 3! These are mostly paperback series. Some hard cover at the end. I s.ave lots of hard covers.



Shelf number 4! More hard covers. Except my bigger hard covers are on this shelf. Mostly stand alones here.



Last shelf! Everything is kind of stuffed in here. My Harry Potter and Cassandra Clare are in the back being safe. This is where I fit all the books that I don’t really have a place for. Another shelf would be great.



These are my boyfriend collection of manga. He hasn’t read most of them but at least he tries right?



And lastly, my giant bag of books I want to give away. I go through my books every so often to pick out ones I’m never going to read.



Anyways, hope you all enjoyed! Happy reading!


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