Top Ten Characters at my Lunch Table

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I forgot to do this yesterday! Oh no! It’s ok because I’m doing it now!

In high school I wouldn’t exactly say I was popular. I had lots of friends sure, but I wasn’t in the “popular” crowd. Not my thing. Instead I hung out with the artsy/musical people because that was what I was involved with in school. I had other friends from different groups but this made it easiest to pick characters for.

1. Clary from City of Bones: I would have done well with Clary. Lots of artsy things would have gone on.

2. Nehemia from Throne of Glass: She’s different and would have fit well with my group of friends.

3. Katy from Obsidian: While she annoyed me some times, she’s a book reader and blogger. I would have been drawn to her instantly.

4. Celeana from Throne of Glass: Another character who is different and doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Plus she’s badass so I’ll take her.

5. Annabeth from Percy Jackson: People who try hard in school tend to stick together. Someone has to.

6. Joel from The Rithmatist: He doesn’t really fit in at school. He’s cute and funny so I’ll have him.

7. Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Another artist. We’d be such good friends.

8. Zusanna from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Another fun and different character.

9. Sam from Asunder: I need some more musicians in my group!

10. Darrow from Red Rising: Before his transformation I think he would have been in my group

Happy reading!


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