TAG: Summertime Madness

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Summertime Madness

I saw this TAG on Bookables channel so go check her video out here.

1. Show a book with a summery cover.

the moon and more

I feel like I always pick this book for this question but it always works.

2. Pick a fictional place for your summer vacation.


I don’t know how summery this place is but I’m obsessed with this book now.

3. You’re going on a flight for your summer vacation and you want a book to last you the whole flight. What novella do you choose?


I picked this because I haven’t read it yet. I’d read it on a plane.

4. Pick a happy book to put a sunny smile on your face.


I don’t think this is a happy book really but I loved it so much it makes me happy.

5. You’re sitting at a beach all alone. What fictional character would be your beach babe?

night broken_front mech.indd

Adam. Mmmm.

6. You want some ice cream. Pick an icy cool sidekick.


Celaena would make an epic sidekick.

A short TAG! I tag Brilliantly Novel to do this tag because she’s having so much fun with them. Haha!

Happy reading!



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