Bout of Books 11: Goals and TBR

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bob 11

This is the post where I try to set some goals for myself during this readathon. These don’t tend to go very well for me but I’m giving it a shot anyways.

These are the books I’m hoping to read next week:

bob 11 tbr

I’ve got:

  • Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers
  • Spark – Amy Kathleen Ryan
  • L.A. Candy – Lauren Conrad
  • Dust City – Robert Paul Weston
  • Unraveling – Elizabeth Norris

If I miraculously finish all those books and there’s still time left I’d like to read the next book in any of the series I have here.

Some goals I made for the readathon are:

  • Participate in more than half of the daily challenges.
  • Participate in at least one Twitter chat.
  • Post my progress every day in a short post along with the daily challenge.
  • Read at least 5 books.
  • Follow 5 new blogs.
  • Catch up with Bout of Books on Twitter at some point every day.

That’s it! Hopefully these goals are achievable. I’ve got some plans for next week though so I might not get to read as much as I want. Is anyone else participating in Bout of Books 11? If so let me know below so I can keep an eye out for your posts!

Happy reading!


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3 responses to “Bout of Books 11: Goals and TBR

  1. I have Grave Mercy on my shelves and really heard excellent things about that one. Might have to read it soon. Hope you get to achieve all your goals, but have loads of fun anyway! Good luck, Chelsea 🙂

    • Grave Mercy was an awesome book. Assassin nuns? What’s not to like? I’m just nervous about the next one because it has different character and I don’t always like that.

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