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I recently found this weekly meme called Life of a Blogger. It’s not new by any means but it’s new to me and I’m hoping to participate in it from now on every Thursday. It’s hosted by Novel Heartbeat and you can see a list of the pre-chosen themes here.

This is a non-book related meme just so everyone can get to know me a little more as a person. I enjoy making friends and this is an easy way to meet people like me! If this is something you seem interested in please go check it out! It’s kind of nice having a non-book related post once a week. This weeks discussion topic is:

Favourite Sports Teams

I’m going to start off with my favourite sports. I love to watch hockey which is a very Canadian thing to do. It’s probably the sport I enjoy watching the most and it happens around here fairly often. I grew up watching my dad play and I always played for fun with my friends.

So I’d say my favourite hockey team is the Montreal Canadians. Another typical Canadian answer. I do try and support all Canadian teams though even though they aren’t always Canadian players.

Another sport I enjoy watching is baseball because it’s the other sport my dad has always played and I’ve gone to see a lot of games. It’s not a sport I like to watch on tv though because I find it bores me. I only enjoy watching it in person which is the same for almost every other sport with me. The only sport I will watch on tv is hockey OR the Olympics. It’s just not the same as being there.

What do you guys think? What’s your favourite sport to watch? Let me know!


Go Habs!


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