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Inspiring is not something I usually associate with my blog. Maybe it’s just because I don’t think of it? But I guess if I inspire you to read a book after I’ve reviewed it then that counts right?

I was nominated for this award twice actually. First over at Drown in Melancholy. I love reading her posts and reviews! Thank you! And also over at Milliebot Reads. I wasn’t following her blog before but apparently she follows mine! Looking forward to reading your things in the future! Thanks to you too!

So here are the rules for this award:

1.Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Rules 1 and 2 are done! Here’s 7 facts about myself:

  1. I love pickles. It’s such a random food but they’re delicious and I eat them straight out of the bottle.
  2. I’m an artist. It’s weird calling myself that but I make art. It’s what I do. I draw and paint and design. Those are my biggest passions in life, other than reading of course.
  3. Everything around me must be organized in order for me to concentrate on something. Oh doing homework? Must make sure everything is clean and tidy and in it’s place before starting. It’s a good thing but a bad thing at the same time.
  4. I’m bilingual. I’m a proud Canadian that lives in New Brunswick, the only bilingual province. I speak both French and English.
  5. I have blond hair and blue eyes. That doesn’t seem exciting but I don’t like posting my pictures on here so unless anyone follows me on GoodReads, they have no idea what I look like.
  6. I hate peanut butter. Judge me if you want but it’s gross.
  7. I’m allergic to milk. It’s quite sad really because everything has milk in it. That’s not an exaggeration.

Now here are my nominations. Not quite 15 but it’s the best I could do!

  1. The Reading Date
  2. A World of Reviews
  3. Books for a Delicate Eternity
  4. The Grown-Up YA
  5. The Cheap Reader
  6. Finley Jayne’s Going to the Library
  7. Brilliantly Novel

Sorry that’s all I could find! Nobody accepts awards for some reason! How sad. But a huge shoutout to all these bloggers!

Thank you all for being awesome followers!


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