Review: The War Inside by M. Kircher

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18274597The War Inside by M. Kircher

Where did I get it? I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Published: July 2013

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

The end of the world is only just the beginning. So eighteen-year-old Thea discovers when her solitary life on a dying Earth is shattered by a mysterious dream, a devastating choice, and a strange gift that propels her on a journey towards the restoration of all mankind.

Thea is bitter and alone; a perfect embodiment of the sunless, cloud-covered Earth she inhabits. A terrifying dream convinces her to save the life of an injured girl, and despite her misgivings, Thea decides to rescue sixteen-year old Viviana. She soon learns that gentle Viv has a life-threatening infection, as well as a freakish patch of glowing skin over her heart. When this light spreads to Thea, she is forced to trust Caden, an arrogant, lazy, and annoyingly handsome boy she despises. Caden has a map to the last city on Earth, and the only place that might have a cure for both Viv’s infection and the strange light on Thea’s hands. As the trio embark on a journey through the barren wilderness, Thea and Caden try to fight their mounting attraction and discover that the light is not a curse, but a powerful gift meant to heal the polluted Earth and reconnect the remnants of humanity. What they don’t know is that deadly shadows watch them, waiting for the chance to make sure that humans stay in the darkness forever. (taken from GoodReads)

Initial Thoughts

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one. Not for any particular reason, it just didn’t seem like it was going to be a book for me. But then the author started describing the world and the adventures started and I got sucked in.

My New Best Friend

I really liked the main character Thea. It’s a pretty typical answer but I really enjoyed how not perfect she was. She was also pretty funny and not the typical heroine you usually see. She’s really independent and isn’t used to having these people care about her and it was cool seeing her try and interact with people.

My Crush

There were only a couple of guys in this book and I really liked Caden the best. Another typical answer but I thought he was kind of funny, except when he ditched everyone. At least he had flaws, right? But it took him FOREVER to make a move. Come on man!

Writing Style

I thought the mechanics and everything about the writing was really well down. I especially liked how realistic this dystopian world was. Usually there’s a big war that starts most dystopian worlds but in this one it was technology and pollution which I thought was a nice change. I like that everyone got so absorbed by their technology that pollution took over. It was a really cool concept.

Closing Thoughts

Even though at the start I was a little worried about being able to finish this book, I found myself really enjoying it about a third of the way in. It was like all of a sudden I couldn’t put the book down. My only complaint was that it was too short and I wanted more. Now I have to wait for the next one.

Something I found really interesting was that the main character wasn’t the “important” one in the story. Usually the main character ends up being the main leader or something really important and while she was important, she wasn’t the world changing character. It was quite refreshing actually.


I actually like the cover for this one. I’m finding it a lot harder lately to actually find covers that are nice, but this one is cool and actually relevant to the book.

5 out of 5

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. **


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  1. Hmm… it sounds like an interesting read. I’ll add it to my tbr list but I probably won’t read it any time soon just in case I do get sucked into it. Since the next book isn’t out yet I’ll wait paitently instead of having to end up waiting impatiently wanting to know what happens next. =P

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