Bout of Books 9.0 – Thursday Challenge

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There’s two challenges you can do today and I’ve decided on one of them. Today’s challenege is:

Found Poem

Basically there’s a set of rules to find words in a book for your poem. Then you can put the words together any way you want. If you want to see the rules for this challenge click here.

I’m using A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin for my book.

So these are my 14 words that I found using the number 4. A, room, brother,is, wished, shook, frighten, tower, the, safe, suggested, them, daughters, chest.

Now you can delete two words and add in two of your own. I’m taking out frighten and suggested and adding in false and damaged.

Now arrange them however you want and make a poem!  I can’t say I’ve ever written a successful poem but I tried anyways.

A brother wished

Safe, is false

Room damaged

The tower shook

Good luck everyone! This was a hard one.



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  1. Chelsea,

    I love your poem. It makes me a little sad–but in a good way. I’m thinking about the brother and how he wants to be safe, but it appears not all is well with him. Thank you for joining in!

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