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I just wanted to post this quick update to let you guys know that I’m doing some changes.

The biggest change is that I changed the blog theme. It’s a much lighter look now. Eventually, I will get around to making my own theme but I don’t have the time to do it right now. This will have to do!

Also I created a Twitter account for those who would rather follow on Twitter. You can follow me @bftReviews or click here. Also you can still follow me one Facebook as well, right here.

As for pages, I’m currently editing my review index so that you can see it sorted by title or author. I added a review policy because I’m now going to accept review books and I’m hoping to start doing some giveaways soon, once I get some more followers. Tell all your friends! I’m going to add a picture of myself on my about page and edit that a little more.

I want to add little social networking buttons on my sidebar so look for that. I’ve also decided on a few book memes I’m going to stick with, the others I won’t bother with. I’m looking for some book tags to try as well, just for a little entertainment.

That’s bascially it for right now. I’m still thinking of more things to do to upgrade the blog. Naturally, I want to appeal to more people. If anyone has any suggestions let me know below!



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