Shimmering (The Dark Origins #1) – D.L. Miles

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Ember Reed is a fifteen-year-old shape-shifter, a creature with the ability to transform into any animal, despite it’s shape or size. At least, she should be able to; Ember can’t quite change her entire form, only bits and pieces. This has earned her the nickname “sucky spook” at the Sagefall Recreation Center, a place where supernatural beings go for training.

Living the life of an outcast, Ember pretends to be content with only having her cousin Jayd as a friend and keeping her nose buried in fictional stories. But when she goes to the bookstore downtown and finds a girl going through her first Shift, Ember realizes that she might have the chance to make a friend.

Ember also realizes that this girl may be in trouble, because the most powerful people of her community have been starting to disappear. After she witnesses the kidnapping of her classmate she decides to do whatever she can to save her new friend, but while trying to keep this girl off the kidnappers radar she seems to have fallen right onto it.


This book was only average for me. It didn’t suck me into a new world or make me attached to the characters. It was a good idea though. The plot was pretty cool and some of the characters were ok but it was nothing special.

I found the main character, Ember, to be really annoying and whiny, Boo I have no friends, boo everyone makes fun of me. She gives them a reason to be mean. She’s too peppy and really, really naive. I can’t stand those qualities in a main character. Basically instead of having a strong female heroine, the author made her this really typical teenage girl who just wants to fit in. I want to read a good story about a main character I can look up to. She’s not someone anybody should be looking up to. She has no redeeming qualities. One character I really liked was Gavin. The only thing was, we hardly see him in the book. He’s just kind of around sometimes, not really a part of anything. Same with Wolf. He was the big brother figure but he was hardly ever around. Jayd was ok at the start but then he started dating this girl and everything went downhill from there. I thin k this author needs to work on character development.

I also wasn’t a huge fan of the plot. The writing wasn’t really good and it hurt the story. You could tell that the plot could have been good if some things were tweaked a little. Or a lot.

3 out of 5


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