Top Ten Tuesday #9

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Time for another Top Ten Tuesday brought to you buy The Broke and the Bookish.

This week`s topic is:

Top Ten Book Turnoffs you Encounter While Reading

You don`t even understand how many of these there are! I`m so picky! I`ll give this a try though. Not in any specific order.

  • Too formal writing. It’s a book, not an academic paper. Be a little realistic. Also unrealistic dialogue.
  • Obvious love triangles. When I know who the girl is going to pick it’s not nearly as fun.
  • Typical “manly” guys. I hate it when the guy is the typical savior who saves the girl and the girl can’t do anything without him. It’s pathetic.
  • Series that just keep going. Authors need to learn when to stop. Less is more.
  • Teen pregnancy. Oh god do I hate that. It’s bad enough kids actually get pregnant there is no need for me to read a book about it. Also, teen marriages. Nobody should be married under like 21 or something.
  • Main character isn’t the same gender as author. I don’t care how good of a writer you are, boys cannot write about girls and girls cannot write about boys. They just don’t understand each other. It won’t work, don’t try it.
  • Absent parents. Where are the parents? Seriously! Nobody can do stuff like these characters in real life because people have parents or guardians. Unless you specifically don’t have parents. That’s ok.
  • Heroes/Heroines that rely on everyone else. A hero should be strong and able to work things out for themselves. Sure sometimes they need help, but you can’t have a good hero/heroine while being dependent on everyone else. *Cough cough* Twilight.
  • Predictable plot. This doesn’t need an explanation. Nobody likes this. Also lame plots.
  • Fantasy/Magic in a non-fantasy world. When the book is seaming pretty realistic and then all of a sudden at the very end there’s a magician. Just no.

Well that’s it folks! That’s this weeks list. What do you guys think? Do you have the same turnoffs? Is there any I missed? Let me know below!


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