Tomes of Taria: Kaylen’s Rising by Yves Robichaud

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KAYLEN’S RISING by Yves Robichaud


About KAYLEN’S RISING (taken from

Kaylen Amdir has been living in the dark for fourteen years-in every sense. His people are hunted on the surface world, so they must struggle to survive within underground caves. His community hates his family but no-one will say why. Unlike most teens, his parents keep him housebound, and forbid him from wielding weapons or learning magic. But when his parents finally change their mind and send him to school, Kaylen is suddenly exposed to the harsh truth. He has much to learn and understand all at once-including a mysterious magical ability. With the threat of war with the surface-dwellers ever present, Kaylen will need to make new friends, and to stay true to himself if he is to survive what is to come…while something frightening stirs inside him.


I was excited to learn that the author of this book was from where I live which is why I decided to read this book. I was even more excited to see that this was a fantasy book! Even better! As I was reading I got slowly more and more disappointed. The plot wasn’t bad. It was something new and fresh which made me really happy. It was the writing that I couldn’t get over. Just some things that the characters said were so stupid and way too formal. Realistically people don’t talk like that unless they’re in a fancy meeting or something.

I guess I just thought that the book wasn’t written well in general. It was really choppy and jumped around from idea to idea. It was ok but not very great. The whole book was just kind of flat you could say. The characters were boring and never grew or learned anything. Points for effort.

Side note: Who designed this cover? They should be beaten for what they made. This is the worst book cover I’ve seen! Maybe it’s hand drawn by his kids or something but that’s no excuse. If you want your book to be taken seriously get a serious cover.

3 out of 5


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